• Fairytale drop box (horse and carriage)

    Please enter names and date for the wedding
    Please confirm the colour of there ribbon required

    Wooden Fairy tale carriage and horse drop box, mdf (shown) and also available in Birch

    Personalised with names and date of wedding

    Size is 54 x 40 cm for the carriage and 30 x 24cm for the horse.

    Ribbon can be any colour 

    There is a slot at the top for the hearts to be dropped in and a cover in the shape of the crown is provided for when it is complete to seal it, the front is clear acrylic. 

    Personalised with date and names of the happy couple.

    The hearts are available in different sizes depending on the amount of guests at the wedding;

    For the 40 heart pack, each heart measures 47mm
    For the 60 heart pack, each heart measures 40mm

    For the 80 heart pack, each heart measures 36mm
    For the 100 heart pack, each heart measures 31mm
    For the 120 heart pack, each heart measures 28mm